I'm happy that you've found this website. I really mean it! With the thousands of millions of websites out there I consider myself very lucky that you've ended up here where I can present you my graphic novel The Wormworld Saga. If you want, a fantastic adventure awaits you. All you'll have to spend to embark on this journey is a bit of your time, because reading The Wormworld Saga on this website is completely free. No strings attached! Although, I have to say, sometimes a string can come in handy to find your way back home...

About Me

My name is Daniel Lieske and I'm living with my wife, two kids, and two cats in Germany, in a small town called Warendorf. I'm writing and illustrating The Wormworld Saga and I've actually started to create comics pretty early in my life. Throughout my school years I created all sorts of stories, and as a teenager I copied my own editions on my father's xerox machine, and sold them in the school yard. If you ask me, I should have become a comic artist right after school, but since there is no such thing as a comic book industry here in Germany I became a graphics artist in a computer game company instead. I did computer games work for over ten years and during that time I started to draw and paint digitally and also learned to use 3D software. These skills came in handy when my very own call to adventure turned me into a graphic novel author.

Me in my studio

About the Wormworld Saga

It all kind of started with a painting that I created in 2006 called The Journey Begins. A young boy finds a magic painting that transports him into another world. This world already existed in my mind because I had toyed around with world building for several years without a specific goal in mind. The Journey Begins provided me with a protagonist and from that point on things started to escalate in my head. And the painting had a second, very important, effect. It attracted people on the internet and raised interest in my work. I even started to sell prints of The Journey Begins to total strangers and suddenly I was that boy again that sold copies of his own work. Only that the school yard had become a lot bigger this time.

The Journey Begins

In the following years the story in my head grew into an epic trilogy of three journeys into the Wormworld and I arrived at a point where I knew that I had to publish this saga in some form or it would simply kill me. Not right on the spot but slowly and painfully over time. I started to work on the graphic novel in 2010, and since my job didn't leave me with much free time, it took me the whole year to create the first chapter which I was finally able to publish on Christmas Eve 2010.

From that point on it's all a big blur. The first chapter went viral, impressive amounts of people started to follow me, I got a son, crowdfunding campaigns provided budget to continue my work, book publishers offered contracts, I quit my job, I produced more chapters, more crowdfunding, more books, another son, more chapters, and... here we are. Every single bit of The Wormworld Saga graphic novel, that I managed to produce since the beginning in 2010, is published here on this website.

Resources & Contact

I'm working hard on The Wormworld Saga but even if I manage to spend all my productive time on the project I can't produce more than about 2 chapters a year. In order to never miss a new chapter I'd suggest that you subscribe to my Email Newsletter. You can also follow my activities on my Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ where you can also leave me your comments. If you're very eager to follow me closely you may want to consider to support me on Patreon.com where I post exclusive production updates and other behind the scenes stuff. That way you can actively support the creation of the The Wormworld Saga and gain access to all the special content that you can find on this website.

If you are interested in what I'm doing besides The Wormworld Saga, I'd like to invite you to visit daniellieske.com, a website featuring a lot of experimental artwork.

Should you like to learn more about my working methods, I'd like to direct you towards Lynda.com and Video2Brain who both feature hours of video workshops from me. Finally, if you want to contact me by email, please use the following address:

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