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Production Team

Written & Illustrated by
Daniel Lieske ►

edited by
Gary Keleghan
Dave Baxter
Matthew Morgan

German translation by
Daniel Lieske
Cristina Costas Rodriguez

Spanish translation by
Cristina Costas Rodriguez
Jaime Solis
Elena Represas Rivera

Additional layout by
Ivan Berov ►

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Michail "Mefix" Egorov ►
Lilia Koité
Karina Gur Boris Zabolotskikh

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Simplified Chinese translation by/简体中文翻译
Chuan Liang ►

Bulgarian translation by
Ivan Berov ►

Dutch translation by
Andy Somers
Jakoba Havinga ►

Italian translation by
Lorenzo Magalotti

Croatian translation by
Josip Maras
Iva Mihalić

Bosnian translation by
Emir Pasanovic ►

Czech translation by
LukᚠBalcárek ►

Korean translation by
Yuna Lee ►

Malaysian translation by
Mohd Fahmi Mastuki ►

Hindi translation by
Binay Kumar Pandey ►

Romanian translation by
Constantin Dumitrescu ►

Slovenian translation by
Igor P. Merkù ►

Japanese translation by
Asuka Hisano

Albanian translation by
Ori Beqiraj

Greek translation by
Nikolas Melissaris
Klairi Chavaki

Polish translation by
Paweł Feldman

Arabic translation by
Khaled Al Sabouni ►

Estonian translation by
Kerti Alev ►

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Uliana Zabolotna

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Burhanuddin Anshory ►

Hebrew translation by
איתן זוסמן

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